Why do I need a dance shoes?

Dance shoes are specialised shoes like sport shoes, you need a pair of them as you need a pair of joggers to go for a run. You can still dance with your everyday normal shoes but this can take a toll on your knees and back as most of everyday shoes do not have the proper sole and therefore can introduce unnecessary friction between you and the dance floor. You will discover very quickly that dancing is more enjoyable with the right pair of dance shoes.

How do I choose the right dance shoes for me?

Well, this all depends on the style of the dance you enjoy. For Salsa, Ballroom and Latin dancing most dancers prefer to have a flexible suede sole dance shoes with a heel varying from 2.2” to 3.5”. For CEROC and WCS, most dancers prefer the low 1.6” to 2.2” heel with suede sole. As for Tango dancers, the choice is for the Argentinean shoes (like Danzarte or Comme Il Faut) with a leather sole (occasionally suede) and stiletto heel height varying from 2.5” to 3.5”.

How many dance shoes do I need?

The obvious answer is one, however it is advisable that you rest your dance shoes as often as possible and allow them to be aired and dried. If you dance more than 3 times per week then you are likely to need more than one pair (3 pairs are ideal). Allowing your dance shoes to dry will extend its life. It is also advisable that you have a wire brush to ensure that the sole of your shoes are clean. Also, a heel protector will protect the shoes and at the same time will give a wider and more solid base.

How do I care for my dance shoes?

Dance shoes should be treated as sport shoes, spending hours dancing with the shoes means that the shoes can become saturated with sweat. It is best to ensure that your shoes are fully dried before using them again for dancing (usually it can take 1-3 days to dry the shoes properly from any moisutre) as this will elongate their life time. Most dancers have more than 2 pairs so they can allow for other shoes to be rested and dried.
Extra care must be given to shoes with suede sole: (1) no dancing on carpet as friction might cause the sole to lift, (2) avoid wet surfaces and (3) don't use the shoes as street shoes, stick to dance floors only.

Can I custom made my shoes with Morena Dancewear?

Most of our shoes can be custom made to your choice of colours and materials. You can also select the sole type (suede, hard-rasin or leather) and the heel height (from 1.0” to 3.5”). Custom-made shoes are very popular for team-performances, weddings, parties and special occasions.

what is the difference between "Suede" and "Leather/Hard Rasin" soles?

Dance shoes with suede soles are the choice of Latin and Ballroom dancers. Using shoes with suede soles enable the dancers to have more control on the dance floor, especially with fast steps style dancing. Hard resin can also be used and they are perfect for all dance floor types. Argentine Tango dancers prefer leather sole dance shoes.

How long does it take to receive order I make with Morena Dancewear?

This depends on the availability of the shoes in stock and also depends on the type of shoes you are ordering.
If shoes are in stock then it is a matter of 1-3 business days (depending on selected shipping option).
If shoes are to be ordered then the delivery could vary from 3-5 weeks for our range of Salsa, Latin and Ballroom Shoes. Danzarte Tango shoes are expected to take a bit longer as they are hand crafted to your choice.