Mirta Nude Satin, 2.2" heel
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Mirta Nude Satin, 2.2" heelMirta Nude Satin, 2.2" heel

Mirta Nude Satin, 2.2" heel

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Mirta Nude,  2.2” Slim Heel, Satin Ladies`Sandal
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Crafted to the highest possible standards, our Mirta Nude dance shoes are one of our favourite styles, perfect for professional and competitive dancing.

Suitable for all styles of dance including Latin, social, ballroom, salsa, samba, rumba, bachata, tango, CEROC, swing, jive, west coast swing and more.

Beautifully crafted with nude satin upper, this style provides enhanced cushioning support through the use of sports grade material, and premium quality lining and socking with antibacterial properties. Quick-release buckle for quick and easy opening & closing.

Suede sole for exceptional flexibility while providing the perfect amount of traction while allowing the foot to slide I a controlled manner on the dance floor. 

The shoe benefits from a round toe shape. The Mirta shoes include a classic wrap-around ankle strap for extra support. The strap can be adapted to wrap under the arch for superior stability.


  • 2.2” slim heel
  • Round toe insole.
  • Supportive Arch
  • Optimum flexibility with stability and control.
  • Rounded back.
  • Antibacterial microfiber sock and lining.
  • Sports grade heel support material.
  • Quick-release buckle